Honey and its cualities


Honey has its qualities recognized and used by humans since ancient times for food and naturally sweeten twice as much the sugar cane. There are many historical references to this substance. Besides the Biblical quotes, many people as the ancient Egyptians or Greeks, referred to honey as a sacred product, coming toserve as a form of paying taxes. In Egyptian excavations more than 2000 years honey samples were found perfectly preserved in slightly covered jars that they were still  edible and only had to heat it. There are also prehistoric cave paintings illustrating the use of honey.
They are known various types of honey which depend on the flower used as a source of nectar and the type of bee that produced it, but since they produce ​nearly three times more honey than they need to survive, It was possible to collect the excess for humans.  Later with ​​the domestication of bees for the specific purpose of honey harvest, a technique known as beekeeping.

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