La Colmena


Contribute to the health, nutrition and beauty of the population with an excellent product of the hive, not just in the Manabi province, but nationally and in the future at international level.



Becoming a leader in production and sales of hive derivatives (honey, pollen, royal jelly, api toxin, propolis, beeswax), seeking welfare for consumers and marketers of products, contributing to community development by offering products and quality services, with a qualified team.


  • With its prestige , ORGANIZACIÓN APÍCOLA LA COLMENA, has 50 years providing quality products, a processing plant for honey and its derivatives, with high quality standards in both production and marketing.
  • Contribute to the creation of jobs directly and indirectly, in the area where beekeeping is developed.
  • Consolidate its leadership in the beekeeping industry.
  • Get an adequate return to compensate for the effort made by the company management.

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